Project REVADIS – Recognition and Validation of Acquired Skills for Disabled People aims to improve the offer in the field of recognition of skills acquired by people with disabilities, and promote their inclusion both in the labour market and in the education and training system.

This project is a partnership involving APCC – Associação de Paralisia Cerebral de Coimbra (Portugal), Fundacion INTRAS (Spain), European Center For Quality Ood (Bulgaria), and Fundatai Estuar (Romania).


In Portugal, the recognition of skills was first applied in 2003, both in the education and labour fields. There are more than 100 professions with available referential, that allow adults to obtain a professional recognition, through the demonstration of acquired skills. However, none of these professional fields is adapted for people with disabilities.

To overcome this gap, Project REVADIS adapts four professional key-skills (cook, gardener, administrative assistant and room attendant) to the population with the following (generic) groups of disability: cerebral palsy and other neurological-skeletal disabilities, mental illness, vision impairment, hearing impairments and intellectual disability. This will lead to the preparation of 20 new referential and a methodological guide, tested with a population of 120 people.


Project REVADIS is an innovative project, that facilitates the access of people with disabilities to the European labour market, by including the ECVET (European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training) system.


Download the Project REVADIS flyer.